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Recognizing Handwritten Text in Slavic Manuscripts: a Neural-Network Approach Using Transkribus

Electronic Edition and Linguistic Annotation of Slavic Fragments

Терминология в палеославистике и создание сети между существующими цифровыми корпусами Scripta & e-Scripta vol. 18, 2018 floyd Fri, 12/28/2018 - 07:56
Terminology in Palaeoslavistics and Set up Networking between Existing Digital Corpora

The paper discusses problems and points of view related to set up networking between Scripta Bulgarica project (, Repertorium of Old Bulgarian literature and letters (, and also other corpuses (e.g. Codex Suprasliensis from the 10th century:, etc.) for further improvement of linking between data bases. The proposed networking will connect transcribed texts with terminology in palaeoslavistics, and other on-line resources, such as electronic editions of individual sites, electronic dictionaries, encyclopedias, bibliographic arrays and so on. The networking will decided a number of problems that can not yet solve in a satisfactory way. The results will be useful not only for the palaeoslavists but also for librarians, teachers, and students, representatives of mass media and the general public interested in Slavic literacy.

Ontology of terms // Palaeoslavistic // Computer technologies // Standardization of formats // XML approach // Language studies // Language and Literature Studies // Theoretical Linguistics // Applied Linguistics // Studies of Literature // Computational linguistics // Bulgarian Literature // South Slavic Languages // Philology //

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