The papers published in Scripta & e-Scripta are objects of a review procedure. First, we follow the policy of double-blinded peer reviews. The review form is available on Second, we have an Editorial board that also makes a review of the papers submitted.

If a paper is accepted by the Editorial Board, it is later sent to two external reviewers. The list of independent reviewers is available on

The final decision whether to publish the article, request improvements, or reject the article is made by the Editorial board.

Within 12 days from the reception of the reviews, the Editorial Board informs the authors whether the article has been:

  • unconditionally accepted for publication
  • accepted minor revisions,
  • accepted on the condition that more substantial revision is made
  • rejected

If an author disagrees with the comments given by the reviewers or the Editorial Board, the Editorial Board has the right to reject the article or send the article to a third reviewer.