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Indexed in The Bibliographic Information Base in Patristics (BIBP)
International Medieval Bibliography
Reference in: Byzantinische Zeitshrift (from 2004)
Bollettino della Badia Greca di Grottaferrata (from 2004)
Българистика/Bulgarica (from 2004)
Институт за литература
Institute for Literature
Литературна мисъл
History, criticism and comparative studies
„Старобългарска литература“
Medieval Bulgarian Literature
Издателски център "Боян Пенев"
Publishing Centre "Boyan Penev"
Central and Eastern European Online Library
Central and Eastern European Online Library
Балкански идентичности
Balkan Identities
Академичен кръг по сравнително литературознание
Academic circle of comparative literature – ACCL