Text and Context: Story about the Handsome Joseph in the Miscellanies with Mixed Content

Scripta & e-Scripta vol. 14-15, 2015
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  • Subject(s): Language studies // Language and Literature Studies // Theoretical Linguistics // Studies of Literature // Historical Linguistics // Comparative Linguistics // Philology // Translation Studies //
  • Published by: Institute for Literature BAS
  • Print ISSN: 1312-238X
  • Summary/Abstract:

    The present article provides an analysis of transmission of apocryphal Story about the Handsome Joseph and a critical edition of the text (unpublished MS No. 1161 CHAI–Sofia) with readings from Tikveš copy (MS 677 NBKM Sofia) and Prague copy (No. ІХ.H.16 National Museum, Prague). The “dialogue” between a separate text (article) and its environment in miscellany manuscripts is presented, which is very important for the method of compilation and re-editing. The alterations in the separate text correspond with alterations in the macrostructure of the miscellany. The coexistence and interweaving of texts is indicated as an important process, particularly for the chronology of