Diana Dimova

PhD Student Sofia St Kliment Okhridski University, Bulgaria

The Parable of the Unicorn in the Story of Barlaam and Josaphat

The Two Non-Canonical Prayers and the Glagolitic Abecedarium in Psalterium Demetrii Sinaitici

  • Summary/Abstract

    The author analyzes two non-canonical prayers and Glagolitic Abecedarium in that the newly found Glagolitic manuscript Psalterium Demetrii Sinaitic. The Glagolitic Abecedarium is a very important for Glagolitic writing, especially when compared to other Abecedaria. Orthographical and morphological features of the two prayers are analyzed in this paper to test the hypothesis that the manuscript had older Serbian or Croatian archetypes. The analysis of the linguistic features suggests an Old Bulgarian origin.

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