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Slovo: Towards a Digital Library of South Slavic Manuscripts Research Cooperation and Networking between Austria and South-Eastern Europe

  • Summary/Abstract

    Project (2007-2008), funded by the Austrian ministry of science in the 7FP, united scientists from Austria, Slovenia, Serbia, Macedonia and Bulgaria. Coordination of the project is concentrated in the Department of Old Bulgarian Literature of the Institute of Literature, BAS. Participants from five countries have established operational network between research institutions and libraries aimed at studying the Balkan monastery culture and presentation of South Slavic culture and literature in comparative perspective. During the project (February 2008) training is implemented in the use of international standards for description and analysis of the written heritage (principles and methods, terminology, etc.) Results: 1). Establishing a common platform for electronic publications in Cyrillic and Glagolitic alphabet (Unicode 5.1); 2). Supporting an international conference with participants from 10 countries; 3). The most important result of the project was the creation of experimental electronic portal on the Internet for medieval written culture in the Balkans ( ). The project created an initial basis for collaboration and for further development of study, conservation and exhibition of Slavic heritage in digital libraries.

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