Elisaveta Nencheva

Plovdiv University, Bulgaria

Христова, Боряна, Елисавета Мусакова, Искра Христова-Шомова. Славянски и гръцки ръкописи в Регионален исторически музей – Ловеч. София: Издателство „Логис,“ 2022

Hristova, Boriana, Elissaveta Moussakova, Iskra Hristova-Shomova. Slavonic and Greek Manuscripts in the Regional Historical Museum - Lovech. Sofia: Logis Publishing House, 2022. 285 pp., 77 ills. ISBN 978-954-82-89-18-4

Загадка в одной рукописи

Mystery with One Manuscript

  • Summary/Abstract

    The article summarizes the information about the so-called Lovchanski sbornik, with unknown destination today, also called Nedelchev’s miscellany on behalf of its owner, collector and museum worker Michael Hadji Nedelchev. In the 1920s, the manuscript was presented to prominent researchers Jordan Ivanov and Benjo Tsonev, who considered it to be a valuable manuscript and offered to publish it, but this does not take place. After the Second World War Nedelchev’s miscellany was lost, leaving many open questions. The history of the manuscript was studied by Bonjo St. Angelov, Kujo Kuev and others. The author of the present article provides new data on the manuscript, found in the collection of the Archives of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences. She supplements contents of some texts, such as “Story about the twelve dreams of king Shachinshahi” by unknown so far photocopy of a sheet of the text in the Archives mentioned.

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