Colour facsimile

Das “Munchener Abecedarium” – ein neues Facsimile samt einigen neuen Beobachtungen

The “Munich Abecedarium” - a New Facsimile and Some New Comments

  • Summary/Abstract

    In the present article, a new facsimile – in colour – of the so-called “Munich Abecedarium” is being published for the first time. The new facsimile is much better than the first photograph published by Trubetzkoy in 1930. The grayscale picture published by Mares in 1971 was already much better, and the current publication adds colour and an online version which can be even more enlarged for closer inspection. The article comments on the most obvious cases where previous readings and renderings of the alphabets differ and features a new, more faithful, transcription of both the Cyrillic and the Glagolitic alphabet from the „Munich Abecedarium“.

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