Wilfried Vetter

Wilfried Vetter, professor-emeritus are chemists at the Institute of Natural Sciences and Technology in the Arts / CIMA, Academy of Fine Arts, Vienna.
Academy of Fine Arts, Vienna

Interdisciplinary Analyses of the Codex Marianus, Vienna Part (Cod. Vind. slav. 146).

Интердисциплинарни анализи на Мариинското евангелие, виенската част (Cod. Vind. slav. 146)

  • Summary/Abstract

    The article contains some results of analyses of the Vienna part of the Codex Marianus (ÖNB, Vind. slav. 146), undertaken by an interdisciplinary group of scholars and scientists from the Centre of Image and Material Analysis in Cultural Heritage (CIMA ‒ www.cima@or.at) within two Austrian Science Fund-projects devoted to the ancient Glagolitic heritage. The investigation consisted of four parts, codicological, multispectral, chemical and philological. While the codicological survey served to get as much information as possible about the writing material (source of parchment, methods of preparation, writing process, deletions, condition), color and multispectral recordings had been made to preserve the manuscript at its best and to provide an apt basis for further investigations. The chemical analysis was executed with two portable spectroscopes (XRF and rFTIR) and aimed to get exact information on the parchment, the inks, paints and binders, and to collect data for a comparative study of parchment degradation. The philologists analysed the fragment comparatively with all other Old Church Slavonic-Glagolitic manuscripts preserved to get as much information as possible about their scribes.

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