Old Testament Pseudepigrapha

‘Non-Slavic’ Book of Enoch the Righteous – an Eternal Mystery?

Людмила Навтанович. «Неславянская» Книга Еноха Праведного – вечная загадка?

  • Summary/Abstract

    2 Enoch used to be called “Slavonic Enoch” for about 150 years until 4 fragments of the pseudepigraphon were found in Coptic. This Old Testament Pseudepigraphon has been often considered “an enigma”, starting from the fact that the scholars cannot decide whether it was of Jewish or Christian origin. The article provides the scholarly community with state-of-the-art on the most important and “everlasting” problems concerning the text in question, making a special emphasis on the consensus about the provenance of the Slavonic text among Slavists which is based on the comprehensive analysis of the textual history of 2 Enoch.

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