Janusz S. Bień

The author (ORCID 0000-0001-5006-8183) is a retired full professor of the University of Warsaw. His last affiliation was the Department of Formal Linguistics at the Faculty of Modern Philology, the first Institute of Informatics (i.e. Computer Science). He is interested now in the history of Polish spelling and paleotypography.

University of Warsaw

Parkosz’s Treatise from a Typographic Point of View

Януш С. Биен. Трактатът на Паркош от типографска гледна точка

  • Summary/Abstract

    The 15th century Latin manuscript containing a treatise by Parkosz was the very first proposal of Polish spelling. To account for all the phonemes of Polish some new letters were proposed, which are not available in the present day fonts. This makes difficult to quote the proposal when discussing the history of Polish spelling. The paper describes the transliteration proposed by the author which used the characters available in the Unicode standard. The ultimate solution is of course creating a specialized font and the paper mentions some aspects of this task.

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