Pathfinder Words’ for the Attribution of Early Old Bulgarian Translations

Мария Спасова. Думи „следотърсачи“ при атрибуцията на ранни старобългарски преводи

  • Summary/Abstract

    The author examines rare and specific words from the incomplete Old Bulgarian translation of John Chrysostom’s Hexaemeron (YoZlSh) based on the manuscript Zogr19, introduced into palaeoslavistic not long ago (before two-three years). Parameters for the grouping of the extracted words are the peculiarities characteristic of the early Old Bulgarian translations. Their comparison with the Old Bulgarian manuscript corpus from the end of the 9th – 10th century is a kind of test of when the translation possibly originated: if at the lexical level the text is indicative of the early Old Bulgarian translations. The results are clear: all 15 orations of Hexaemeron (the 16th oration is incomplete) contain a huge wealth of vocabulary, and a significant part of the rare and specific words from YoZlSh is typical for the corpus of Old Bulgarian translations. This proves that the translation of John Chrysostom‘s Hexaemeron was created also at an early stage of the Old Bulgarian literature.

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