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Fragments from the Ladder of St. John of Sinai in the Oldest Byzantine and Slavic Codices (based on the Simeon’s Miscellany)

Татяна Попова. Фрагменти от Лествицата на св. Йоан Синайски в най-старите византийски и славянски кодекси (според Симеоновия сборник)

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    The paper presents results, including work in progress, related to study of Fragments from the Ladder of St. John of Sinai in the oldest Byzantine and Slavic Codices. The article published 10 fragments of the text of the Ladder as part of Simeon’s Miscellany according to the text of Izbornik of Svjatoslav 1073. The publication of the texts is based on the edition of the text of the Izbornik prepared by P. Janeva (Sofia, 2015) and is accompanied by indications of discrepancies in the most ancient Byzantine manuscripts of the Ladder and comments. The article contains clarifications and additions to the Sofia edition of the Izbornik. As a result of the study some fragments are reconstructed, I consider to be part of the lost Byzantine book, which became the source of the Bulgarian translation of the Simeon’s Miscellany. The article contains biblical quotations in the fragments of the Ladder as part of the Izbornik. The article lists the words of the Preslav literary school, typical for the translation of the Simeon’s Miscellany and for the first Slavic translation of the Ladder.

Content structuring in St Petersburg Corpus of Hagiographic Texts (SCAT)

Структуриране на съдържанието на Санкт-Петербургския корпус от агиографски текстове (СКАТ)

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    The St Petersburg Corpus of Hagiographic Texts (SCAT) has launched two new mark-up formats. The first innovation is the comprehensive format developed for the division of hagiographic texts into parts, which are both explicitly marked as section headings and extrapolated through comparison with texts of the similar genre. The second innovation is an elaborate format representing the full range of various types of biblical, patristic and liturgical quotations occurring in the lives of saints. For the time being, three morphologically annotated manuscript texts have been marked up according to these guidelines, and we are planning to add two more texts in the near future. Close cooperation with the IHRIM research laboratory (Lyon) and wide use of their techniques and technology makes it possible to obtain some illuminating cross- format statistical data and thus offer new insights into the canons and rules of the Old Russian hagiography.

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