Alexandra Nikiforova

The Tropologion Sin. gr. NE/ΜΓ 56–5 of the Ninth Century: A New Source for Byzantine Hymnography

  • Summary/Abstract

    The Tropologion Sin. gr. NE/ΜΓ 56–5 of the 9th c. is a unique source for Byzantine hymnography. It was found in 1975 in Sinai and to this day remains unexplored. It contains the most complete to date collection of early-Palestinian Greek liturgical poetry. In addition, it is the only surviving Greek anthology of this type of hymnographic book which represents an early Palestinian liturgical poetry in Greek (from the 7th–9th centuries). The Tropologion analysed in this paper is earlier in comparison with the ancient Tropologion preserved in Georgian translation. In it survived 73 rites from the Forefeast Christmas until commemoration of the righteous Joseph of Arimathea (June 12), with incorporated services from Lent and Easter to Pentecost. This edition of the book was the basis for the creation and composition of other hymnographic books in Byzantium – Menaion and Triodion.

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