Tatyana V. Rozhdestvenskaya

Rozhdestvenskaya, Tatyana V. University in St. Petersburg, Russia

University in St. Petersburg

Из материалов к Своду древнерусских надписей Новгорода Великого: 10 средневековых граффити из новгородской церкви Николы на Липне

Materials for the Corpus of Old Russian Epigraphy in Great Novgorod: Ten Medieval Graffiti in St. Nicholas in Lipno Church in Novgorod

  • Summary/Abstract

    The author publishes a catalog of 43 graffito-inscriptions from the church of St. Nicholas in Lipno in Novgorod, built in 1292. Their paleographic, orthographic, historical and cultural descriptions are presented. The publication inculdes reproduced photographs and diplomatic edition of the texts. The inscriptions are dated within the turn of the 13th–15th centuries. Most of the inscriptions are memorial and mention the names of Novgorod rulers and inhabitants of the monastery. The place of these sources in the overall system of written culture of medieval Novgorod is discussed.

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