Tanya Ivanova-Sullivan

Department of Languages, Cultures, and Literatures, University of New Mexico

Prof. William Veder Turns 80

Уйлям Федер на 80 години

  • Summary/Abstract

    This year we are celebrating the 80th birthday of Prof. William Veder, a well- known Dutch Slavist and scholar of Bulgarian studies, a specialist in textology and palaeo-Slavic studies and an author of more than 200 publications. Prof. Veder was born in Amsterdam and after the completion of his secondary education in Berkeley, USA (1960) and Berlin (1961), he graduated with a degree in Slavic philology from Utrecht University (1971). Since early on, he showed a particular interest in Bulgarian literature (Meesters der Bulgaarse vertelkunst. Amsterdam: Meulenhoff, 1971).

    Keywords: William Veder

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