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Some Notes on the Motif of Conversion to Christianity of the Bulgarians in 'Chronica Pontificum Romanorum' by Thomas Ebendorfer

  • Summary/Abstract

    The paper deals with the motif of the conversion to Christianity of the Bulgarians in Chronica Pontificum Romanorum by Thomas Ebendorfer. The examination of the text together with fragments taken from other Latin chronicles reveals that in Thomas Ebendorfer’s chronicle there is no uniting of the Cyrillo-Methodian motif and the one about the conversion of the Bulgarians by their prince Boris. To some extent such a development of the motif is foreordained by the invention of source unused before then in Latin historiography. Most probably it was Liber pontificalis since in the text on the pontificate of pope Nicolaus I in the both works in question some resamblances were found which are not peculiar for the early mediaeval Latin historiographical narrative in the Chonicle by Reginon of Prum.

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