Dmitri Sitchinava

Dmitri Sitchinava (Vinogradov Russian language institute, Moscow, Senior Researcher; Higher School of Economics, Moscow, Associated Professor). Topics of interest: Slavic languages, tense and aspect systems, corpus linguistics, parallel corpora. Author of a monograph on typology of pluperfect and Slavic pluperfect (2013).

Vinogradov Russian language institute, Moscow

Integration of the Old East Slavic Epigraphical Databases, Corpora and Indices

Интегриране на бази данни, корпуси и индекси на стара източнославянска епиграфика

  • Summary/Abstract

    The paper presents results, including work in progress, related to two databases of “non-bookish” / vernacular Old East Slavic writing, viz. the databases of birchbark letters and epigraphy. The aim of the project is the interlinking of visual, archeological/ historical and linguistic information. The epigraphical database represents different interpretations of a single inscription, providing the outline of versions proposed in the existing literature. These sources, an archeographical database and a linguistic corpus making part of a larger Russian National corpus, are intended to be easily synchronized, expanded, and updated. An online work station for the morphological annotation of texts is a part of this project. An important function performed by this platform is creating an index to the corpus that can be used in the linguistic description of the dialect, verifying the index and the data of the book Old Novgorod Dialect. Addenda by Andrei Zaliznjak that is being prepared for a posthumous publication. New linguistic discoveries have been made during the implementation of the project.

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