The peer-reviewed international periodical Scripta & e-Scripta: the Journal of Interdisciplinary Mediaeval Studies is published by the Institute of Literature at the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, Sofia (2003–). It aims at the development of studies on the written heritage of the medieval Slavic world and Byzantium, in a broader scope from Late Antiquity to the beginning of the eighteenth century. The most important is its orientation towards modern information technologies and their implementation in the Humanities.

Among other things, the international journal aims to reflect the activities of the Commission for Computer Processing of Medieval Slavic Manuscripts and Early Printed Books of the International Committee of Slavists (established in 1998) ( The journal accepts contributions that examined literary sources using an interdisciplinary approach, combining methodologies in linguistics, textology, history and art history, palaeography, epigraphy and codicology, anthropology, social sciences and digital humanities.

The journal includes scholarly reviews of recent publications in the field of mediaeval studies. A section “Debuts" includes first publications by graduate students and young specialists.

Scripta & e-Scripta accepts submissions in English, German, French, and Russian. E-mail:

Regularity: Scripta & e-Scripta appears once a year. Scopus (2022) sourcerecord 21101132454.

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ISSN 2603-3364 (e-publication)

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